And You Invited Me In

Alex Marshall is dying of AIDS. Over his partner Scott's objections, he asks his conservative Christian sister, Annie Whitley, to help take care of him. Annie must decide whether to hold to her position of separation, hoping to force Alex to repent of his sins, or go to him without expectations. Close family friend and football legend Jett Taylor insists she will become tainted by the sin of homosexuality if she follows her heart.
       Annie and her family must learn the true meaning of God's grace to show Alex and Scott who Jesus is. 
And You Invited Me In is a moving story that answers the question: does extending grace equal agreement? This modern-day parable is a powerful portrayal of the courage of one family who finds a way to live according to their faith while honoring the family bond under the most-challenging of circumstances. It is a life-changing, thought provoking, unforgettable novel that will capture the attention and hearts of readers from diverse backgrounds and faiths.

Your book moved me deeply. I am thankful you followed the leading (of the Lord) to write it. Whatever any of us can do to put names and faces to the issues surrounding homosexuality will help all of be more Christ like in our response.
Martin Rolfs Massaglia 
Greater Cleveland Baptist Church

I want to tell you that I enjoyed your book.  I do think it will be great for heterosexuals in conservative church groups who are dealing with this issue. It was great meeting you.
Troy Perry
Founder of the Metropolitan Community Church

Thanks for the book...It looks explosive and wonderful. That combination is hard to come by. I hope the book gets out to a wide reading audience and markets well, because your message is one that needs to be heard.
Tony Campolo
Author and Social Activist

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Beyond Words and Atria Books.

This book is a must-read for everyone! A warm and inviting story about two families deeply impacted by a very divisive issue. Their lives are torn from fear, and reunited by nothing else but a willingness to love one another.
John Smid
Former Director - Love in Action

All I can say is thank you for your story. I believe it has the power to change hearts and minds. 
Thomas Howard
Programs Director
Matthew Shepard Foundation

In a time when so many just turn away from those struggling with HIV/AIDS, And You Invited Me In faces it square on, touching the heart and the soul with tenderness and care. This is a "must reading" for anyone with a heart!

Bruce Sonnenberg
Executive Director/Founder
He Intends Victory

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